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No more FOMO feeling. Your solution to manage message overload & even recover deleted message. Handling all your message problems, saving you from the curiosity for not seeing deleted messages, reading messages without the sender now, disturbing notifications, etc.

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Having trouble finding the information you need in countless messages?

It might be a message from your crush, a friend's promise, your boss's request or even a deleted message! But it would be hard to find those important message from the countless of notifications.

Have you ever felt tired of your endless notifications?

Let Message Checker help you categorize and find the information more EASILY!

With Message Checker, you could check what kind of messages you've missed, and even read your messages without the sender knowing.

Stop being bothered by endless unverified messages, anymore!

We Offers Wide Range of Features

See Deleted Message

See Deleted Message

Those messages were deleted before you see, and now we could recover them for you!

Important Message Reminder

Important Message Reminder

Reminds and order your messages from important people, things or app base on your need, so you could read those messages easily and won't miss it!

Message Search & Pin

Message Search & Pin

Gather all your notifications across platforms in one place, including booking info, party location, or your friend's promise, now you could find it with a simple search!

Private Message Reading

Private Message Reading

From now, you could read messages whenever you want without the sender knowing!

Scams detection

Scams detection

Protect you from fraud shopping link, personal info lacking, wrong health information and more

The Best Solution for Handling FOMO


Built for Trust

Accurate fact check reports from worldwide IFCN members help you determine false science or health information. You no longer have to suffer from the suspicious message!

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A company that excels at anti-fraud technology. Building on the core concept of "trust". Our mission is to create a Trustworthy Communication Environment for all of our users and beyond. We have developed multi-faceted products to fulfill various needs. Message Checker is the newest innovative app we're launching on global markets to protect users from misinformation.